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Unexpected life events can have a major impact on your finances and your credit score. Cashnow Focus Tracks are specific creditor intervention methods tailored to repairing your credit after it has been affected by these events.

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These creditor intervention strategies specifically address inaccurate or unfair negative credit items caused by life events like divorce, student loan debt, medical expenses, identity theft, military service and national emergencies.

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The Divorce Focus Track

If you and your ex-spouse shared joint accounts, bad credit could follow you even after your divorce. Our credit advisors will help you identify credit accounts owned and managed by your ex-spouse, handle creditor interventions and work to remove inaccurate, negative items from your credit report. We will help you understand and enforce the new boundaries set forth in your divorce decree, as well as offer education on how to regain your credit independence.

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The Student Loan Focus Track

Many new college graduates find themselves unable to face the financial burdens of life after college. In a lagging economy, loan repayment can prove more difficult for low-income workers. If your credit has suffered because of unfair credit reporting related to student loans, our credit advisors may be able to help.

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Brittany’s Cashnow story


Brittany’s struggles with finances early in life had a lasting impact on her credit score. See how she was able to improve her score and afford a new home for her family.

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The Identity Theft Focus Track

Credit damage is almost certain in cases of identity theft. Even if your accounts are closed and your money is refunded, you could be dealing with the consequences long after the initial crime. Take control of the situation by ensuring the removal of any inaccurate, negative items on your credit reports, identifying and closing compromised credit accounts and communicating with credit reporting bureaus and your lenders.

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The Military Service Focus Track

Millions of servicemen and women risk their lives and sacrifice their time to protect our freedom. When it comes to finances, federal law makes sure they are covered during times of duty. Unfortunately, credit reporting may not always reflect these protections. Many lenders and retailers fail to honor the consumer protections afforded military members, forcing them to deal with bad credit. If your credit score has been afflicted by similar issues, help is here.

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“The staff at Cashnow has done the things they told me they were able to do for me. I have been with Cash Now for only two months and my credit has already improved. I have always wanted to own a home and my goal with Cash Now is to qualify and close on my first purchase in early 2023! I’m grateful for Cash Now, it’s the second time I signed up for their services, and they have never failed me.”

Scott K.

April, 2022

The Medical Focus Track

Health-related debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. An estimated 52 million Americans live without medical coverage, and many who are covered still struggle with rising costs. Fortunately, federal law protects your privacy when it comes to reporting issues surrounding your health. Take this route to learn more about your rights and what health providers can and cannot report to credit bureaus.

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The National Emergency Focus Track

Although you may carefully manage your finances and work hard to protect your credit score, it’s difficult to anticipate a situation as serious as the impact that coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on the national economy. Although there are some lender accommodations, many of them are only available if specifically asked for. In most cases, your creditor or lender will not offer them to you. The National Emergency Focus Track is dedicated to allowing you to take full advantage of any relief opportunities provided by the government or privately by your lender.

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When a crisis hits, figuring out how to access the help that’s available to you is half the battle. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act includes direct financial assistance, expanded unemployment protections, new and expanded loans for individuals and small businesses and more.

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Cashnow cares deeply about its reputation as an advocate for your right to an accurate, fair and substantiated credit report. Your financial well-being is our priority, and our credit advisors will advocate for you and guide you along every step of your credit journey.

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